Buenos Aires & Argentina Travel Recommendations


We’ve gotten so many questions about Argentina we decided to compile a list of our favorite things.  We loved every minute of our four months there. Enjoy!

Buenos Aires

Carmello Patti Called Me! Malbec in Mendoza

“Hi Sarah, this is Carmello Patti.  You can come by this afternoon or tomorrow if you want to visit the winery, just stop by and I’ll be here.”  That was the message that Carmello Piatti the winemaker and famous “garagista” left on our voicemail.  Patti is an older Argentine/Italian who is known for making excellent [...]

Argentina’s Bicentennial and Teatro Colón

May 25th was Argentina’s Bicentennial, and by dumb luck we were in Buenos Aires for the epicenter of the celebration!  It was a huge event that was celebrated for 4 days in the capital and country, and the government gave everyone a 4-day weekend.  In order to properly celebrate, 9 de Julio, a 12 lane [...]