A Weekend Trip to Tigre

Last weekend we realized our time in Buenos Aires was winding down and we still hadn’t visited Tigre, a well-known Buenos Aires weekend destination for getting out of the city.  Gabe and I were so amused by the city we hadn’t taken too many daytrips away from it. 

Tigre is in the delta of the [...]

The Decadent and Decaying UBA

On Wednesdays I have two workshops at the University of Buenos Aires downtown.  The UBA (as it’s known) doesn’t have a campus but is spread out all over the city in various buildings, many of them architectural highlights.  The building my classes are in is located at 25 de Mayo 221.  It doesn’t look like [...]

Thwarting the Mustard Thieves

Gabe is always telling me that I have an over-active imagination and perceive threats and highly improbable scenarios to occur when we’re traveling.  I admit that this is true, but anyone who knows Gabe, knows that he is one bounce short of being Tigger and so I can’t quite trust his judgment over my unreasonable [...]