Rio, What A City!

Rio is one of the greatest cities that we’ve traveled to so far, and is the best city for juices and fruit smoothies.  It has a gigantic selection of delicious ripe fruit with many we’d never heard of (graviola!) coming from the Amazon. Polis Sucos – is the best of the crowd of juice counters [...]


Ok, it’s official, Sarah and I are in love with Rio.  It took a Saturday out in Lapa (a historic downtown area) to send us head over heels.  Sarah, my Dad, and I had an awesome dinner of Portuguese food at Nova Capela, which felt like it hadn’t changed in the 100 years that it [...]


We spent 3 quick nights in Paraty, which is a fun colonial town on the coast halfway between Sao Paulo and Rio.  My Dad flew down to meet us, and we had a great time sharing our Brazil experience with him.  While the weather didn’t allow us any beach time we still enjoyed days learning [...]