Kerala Backwaters

Five minutes after landing in Kerala, we realized that that we were about to be introduced to a totally new India.  The men here wear what we have been calling man skirts, but which are actually long pieces of fabric that they wrap around their waists called mundus.  Depending upon how they wrap them, they [...]


Bollywood!  Sarah and I had an awesome time exploring Bombay.  Some highlights were our night with Aneesh and Dipna (cousin of our friend Janet), the Elephanta caves which are impressive ancient temples carved into a stone hillside, tea at the Taj Palace Hotel, and Chaat (snack foods) all over the city.  Mumbai feels a bit [...]

Steps from the Ganges

On my way to the Vodafone store, I saw a corpse.  I can’t say that it was totally unexpected in this holy city, as lonely planet had warned us in its descriptions of Varanasi.  Varanasi, or Benares as the locals call it, is draped along the Ganga (Ganges).  The old city sprawls away from over [...]