The Taj

Even though we’ve seen a million pictures of it, the Taj Mahal still wowed us.  Walking through the front gate at dawn, and seeing the majestic dome and minarets rising out of the mist left us speechless.

We also explored the old palace and mosque at Fattepur Sikri nearby which you can see in the photos [...]

Hot Peanut Oil in Jaipur

When we left Delhi for Jaipur we thought we were going to a much smaller, less crowded and polluted place. We’d heard about a “pink city” and had pictured something akin to the beautiful white towns of Andalucia.  We were wrong.  Jaipur does have 10 million less people but you wouldn’t know it.  The city [...]

Highlights and Lowlights

This post is pictureless in memory of our Canon Powershot camera.  I’m sure that it’s still working fine, but it is no longer shooting away in the hands of its legal owners.  We were robbed on the 9 hour bus from Shimla to New Delhi.  Sarah and I, after hearing glowing reports from some travelers [...]