Lithuanian Storks, Very Fine

In Salamanca I noticed giant nests on top of the church spires and remembered that storks come to Europe in the summer.  Soon I was stork crazy, looking for them everywhere and was sad to be leaving Spain thinking I wouldn’t see them any longer.  Little did I know I was off to the region [...]

Pancakes in Tallinn, Estonia

I should write about Estonia’s unique history and the imprint it has left on the present; how surprisingly different we found it than its other Baltic sisters; how it’s much more similar to Finland than Latvia and how the economics and politics seemed to run right on schedule with the transition to the Euro in [...]

Krakow and Prague

Krakow and Prague seem like just a blur now.  Coming off our great visit to the Baltic States, we spent 2 nights in each place.  In Krakow, we had the worst hotel fiasco of the trip.  The weekend that we visited, Krakow was hosting the Coca-Cola music festival, so all of the budget accommodations and [...]