Back in the States

Sarah and I back in the the US to spend the holidays with our families and to catch our breath before we head to South America and beyond.  We started off in LA, and now we’re in Athens, Georgia enjoying the South.  We’ll be working on the blog during our travel break, but you probably won’t notice [...]


We spent two weeks in LA preparing for our journey, visiting with family and friends and decompressing before our trip.  It was also Sarah’s birthday, so we went to Disneyland!  (This year it’s free on your birthday.)  Disneyland was fun, but that Matterhorn seemed a little bit smaller than I remembered.  (Being 2 feet taller [...]

Drive Down the West Coast

We loaded all of our earthly possessions into our pod, hopped in our Passat and started down the west coast.  We hit the coast at Astoria Oregon, and drove 101 basically the rest of the way.  A video tells the story much better, so enjoy!

The Adventure Begins from Gabe Gottlieb on Vimeo.