Colonia, Uruguay

Last week we took a little 2-day trip to Colonia, Uruguay to (ahem) renew our visas.  Argentina permits tourists to stay for 90 days and ours were about to expire.  It was really just a good excuse to visit this quaint 330 year old town.  In addition to being a cute little town it’s really unique to see as it changed hands between the Spanish and the Portuguese so many times that the architecture is a complete mix of styles depending on the century and the ruler.  Even the streets are confused.  Some have drains running down the middle, Portuguese style and others have the drains on the sides like the Spanish.  It’s a quirky, tranquil place to visit and the Uruguayan chivito can’t be beat.  How could I make a blog post without talking about food?


I surprisingly love Uruguay.  This little country has friendly people, great fresh food, good wine, world class soccer (see the world cup), beautiful countryside, and even surf!  What more could you want?



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