Below you can see our flight¬†itinerary in image form. Note that we’re not sure how much time we’ll spend in Argentina. If we like it we may stay there for a while.

We’re also planning on taking plenty of bus and other ground transportation around these flights, specifically:

  • India — We can’t wait to take the Indian trains up and down the country
  • Brazil — We’re currently thinking of flying up to Salvador and then working our way down the coast back to Rio.
  • Argentina — Given the time we have there, we plan to setup shop in Buenos Aires, take some classes, potentially work, and hopefully see most of the country
  • Peru — We’re planning on seeing both the Inca highlands and the Amazon
  • Europe — We have so many friends and so much family that we plan to bounce around a bunch. ¬†Currently we’re hoping to stop in the south of France, Germany, Hungary, Romainia and Latvia to name a few

(We grabbed this image from the awesome RTW tool at