La Sebastiana in Valparaíso, Chile

In Valparaíso we took in the beautiful sights of the harbor and colorful hillside homes, and rode all of the funiculars from the turn of the century that still operated.  After spending a few weeks in the interior of the continent we devoured seafood meals, but most of this we’d anticipated, what we hadn’t expected was to fall in love with Pablo Neruda. 

La Sebastiana is the name of Pablo Neruda’s home in Valpo, he also had houses in Santiago and Isla Negra.  While on a tour of his eclectic home our eyes got wider and wider as we realized that he would have been Gabe’s bff.  The top reason for his similarity in lifestyle was his love of a good view.  The panoramic views from La Sebastiana were beautiful and you could see how he wrote so many of his poems about the Pacific.  His daily schedule also sounded idyllic to Gabe: work in the morning, go down to lunch with all of your friends with a glass of wine, maybe work more, obligatory and undisturbed nap and then throw a dinner party with more friends.  He loved his bar and mixing signature cocktails and picked up different decorations around the world like a carousel horse from Paris.  He certainly knew how to live!


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