IMG_5283We spent two weeks in LA preparing for our journey, visiting with family and friends and decompressing before our trip.  It was also Sarah’s birthday, so we went to Disneyland!  (This year it’s free on your birthday.)  Disneyland was fun, but that Matterhorn seemed a little bit smaller than I remembered.  (Being 2 feet taller may have something to do with that.)  On the IMG_5290way back we hit another LA landmark, Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n’ Waffles for some of the best fried chicken we’ve both ever had.  It’s a strange combination, but hit the spot after miles of Disneyland walking.

We continued our LA culinary tour de force with some delicious Mexican food (tacos somewhere deep in the valley at $1.29 each), and french dip sandwiches from Philippe’s – the birthplace of the french dip.  if you go make sure to put a bit of mustard on your sandwich (start light, that stuff is powerful), and have a baked apple on the side.  Of course we also made time for those trendy Korean BBQ trucks which lived up to their hype.

We even got a chance to see Cirque du Soleil (spectacular) and the LA Philharmonic at Disney Hall (also fantastic).  In typical Sarah and Gabe style we were up late packing the night before our departure, but we can’t wait to be starting the journey that we have thought and talked about so much!  Next stop London.


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