Bollywood!  Sarah and I had an awesome time exploring Bombay.  Some highlights were our night with Aneesh and Dipna (cousin of our friend Janet), the Elephanta caves which are impressive ancient temples carved into a stone hillside, tea at the Taj Palace Hotel, and Chaat (snack foods) all over the city.  Mumbai feels a bit like a New York and Miami combination.  We were in Mumbai right after the anniversary of last year’s terrorist attacks (26/11 as they are referred to.)  It’s amazing how events that you hear about in a far off place seem so much more real when you can identify with the place.  Besides seeing many of the locations of the barbarous attacks, Dipna and Aneesh told us a chilling story about their night spent across the street from the Oberoi, site of one of the attacks.  Aneesh had actually had a beer at the Leopold Cafe (another attack location,) and then met Dipna at a salsa class.  After the attack across the street started, they were forced to spend the night at their dance class, watching the news on TV and listening to the gunfire and explosions live.  Thankfully they were unhurt, but it was hard for Sarah and me to believe that people could be ignorant enough to perpetrate such acts of hate.

We enjoyed the vibrant city, and wished that we had more time to explore the sights, and to eat and drink more.  We’ll have to watch some Bollywood when we get back to satisfy our cravings.

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