New York

We had a whirlwind week in New York meeting up with our family and friends scattered throughout the tri-state area.  In one week we stayed with Gabe’s aunt, uncle and cousins in Metuchen, New Jersey, our friends from college in Rye, New York, Sarah’s brother and sister-in-law in Manhattan, and Sarah’s aunt and cousin in Wilton, Connecticut.  We were only carrying our warm weather clothes for South America, and of course New York was bitterly cold for the week, with temperatures of 18 degrees and a cold wind; however with some clever layering and a lot of borrowing we were able to stay warm.

Besides catching up with so many of our friends, I got to go ice skating on a frozen pond in Wilton, which was this Los Angeles boy’s first time skating on natural ice!  We got to celebrate Anca and Raluca’s 30th birthdays with them, and introduced Jamie (Sarah’s sister) to the wonders of sauerkraut.  (Which is obviously best done at 2am at Grey’s Papaya on 72nd St.)

Manhattan is really a world class city, and on one block of 72nd street you can get world class bagels, hot dogs, middle eastern food and kosher food.  In what other city can you find that?  It caught us off guard however when we walked into a supermarket at 3pm on a Thursday and found ourselves trading elbows with the other patrons just to get down the aisles.  You can take the kids out of Seattle, but can you take the Seattle out of the kids?


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  • Xu

    I don’t quite understand “You can take the kids out of Seattle, but can you take the Seattle out of the kids?”
    Anyway, it must be quite an experience from south beach to New York.

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