Pancakes in Tallinn, Estonia

I should write about Estonia’s unique history and the imprint it has left on the present; how surprisingly different we found it than its other Baltic sisters; how it’s much more similar to Finland than Latvia and how the economics and politics seemed to run right on schedule with the transition to the Euro in 2011.  The country seems to be navigating the ups and downs of globalization with aplomb and citizens are quick to point out that it’s the homeland of Skype.   Estonia is also the least religious country we’ve been to with one of the highest majorities of atheists in the world.  We found a lot to be intrigued by in tiny Estonia, but I have to say it’s all about the pancakes.

The pancakes in Estonia are enough to make me consider a layover if I’m ever in the region again.  They’re huge, plate sized and of a perfect consistency, not too thin or thick and with just enough fluff.  They come with a million types of fillings and then are folded into quarters.  Gabe and I split a savory and a sweet pancake for two dinners in a row.  My favorite savory was stuffed with smoked trout and a cheese sauce and Gabe’s was smoked cheese and thick-cut bacon.  If only Skype could transmit pancakes!



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