Pints and Pasties

Two nights in London felt like a rush, but we got to see and do a bunch.  After landing we visited my Uncle Herschel and Aunt Jackie in Stanmore.  (He’s actually my Dad’s Uncle, so he’s my Great Uncle.)  They took us out to lunch at a local historical pub that is named after a WWI hero.  After lunch we visited the Royal Air Force (RAF) museum.  Herschel told us many tales from his time growing up in London during WWII.  He told us how his Mother stopped taking his family into the air raid shelters after both he and his brother Simon caught a chest cold the first time they fled to one.  From then on they remained in their house as the Germans bombed the city!  We got to see the planes that he watched as a child flying overhead leaving London on their defensive and bombing runs.

We met up with our first friend on the road, Stephanie.  We had some great pints and a pub lunch at The Ship Tavern and walked around after at Covent Gardens,  and Trafalgar square before she dropped us off at the Tate Museum.  That night we joined up with my Grandmother’s cousin Charles for a unique Lebanese dinner at Maroush Gardens.  Three hours of talking breezed by and it was fun to catch up and hear more family stories.  On the way home Sarah wanted to take a bus instead of the tube so we could see all of the Christmas lights and we hopped on going the wrong direction.  We found ourselves at the end of the line, on the top level of the double decker bus, with the bus shut off .  Our driver was kind enough to let us sit there for five minutes while he did some stretches, ate an orange and pounded some fruit juice before turning the bus around.  Luckily going the wrong way meant that we got to sit in the front window up top and had a festive ride back to the hotel.

The following morning at Heathrow included a full body pat down for Sarah (yeahhh) and the loss of some beloved liquids that didn’t meet the EU’s size requirements although they were all TSA certified.

Onwards and upwards, next stop Delhi.

2 comments to Pints and Pasties

  • AJ

    Sounds like you had a lovely time with your relatives and Stephanie in London! It’s nice reading about your trip as you two travel since I miss my “dc’s”! Enjoy Delhi! XOXO – AJ

  • Herschel and Jackie

    Your travels astound Jackie and me…you seem to have travelled further and to more countries on your present trip than we did in a lifetime. Jackie and I started our wandering Summer of 1949. But you appear to be enjoying it all…and it makes me feel proud that we have a mention. We look forward to hearing about your future travels.
    We send our love,
    Uncle Herschel and Auntie Jackie

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