Rio, What A City!

Rio is one of the greatest cities that we’ve traveled to so far, and is the best city for juices and fruit smoothies.  It has a gigantic selection of delicious ripe fruit with many we’d never heard of (graviola!) coming from the Amazon. Polis Sucos – is the best of the crowd of juice counters in the beach neighborhoods of Rio.  Almost every corner has a counter selling fresh juices, sandwiches, and other foods.  The king of juices is the açaí (ah-sa-yee) made here into a deliciously refreshing smoothie.  I would fly back to Rio solely to stand at Polis Suco’s counter drinking an açaí and banana smoothie.

We also found Rio to be the best city for drinking caipirinhas.  Gabe has declared the caipirinha to be the best alcoholic beverage ever invented, and they are available all over the city with even street vendors muddling away for a $2 version.

So what about safety?  In Rio, for me, the hairs on the back of my neck never quite relax although Cariocas are incredibly friendly.  I wasn’t sure if this feeling was merited or imagined until I saw a man run by me followed by another man yelling, “Thief!”  Cars downtown at night are also allowed to run red lights because it’s not safe to be stopped.  It has apparently come a long way since the 80s and 90s and I look forward to our return and being able to let our guard down a little more.  Note however that we traveled smart (taxis at night, stayed in a safe neighborhood, didn’t carry visible valuables,) and had no issues.

In short beaches, surfing, sightseeing and juices by day and samba, nightlife and caipirinhas by night.  Is it any surprise we went back for another week?


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