Sacrebleu! Paris at last

There’s nothing that I can write about Paris that wouldn’t sound like a complete cliché of anything that’s been said before.  It’s beautiful.  It’s civilized and felt more like home to me than the US.  The more I’ve lived, the more I’ve realized that my favorite things come from France, so it was no surprise to Gabe or me that I was completely enamored by the Parisians and the city.  I don’t care what people say about Parisians, I found them very friendly.  One man even stopped with his daughter when we asked for directions, typed them into his iPhone and handed it to us with the map properly oriented.  I should mention that he was as impeccably dressed as I’d imagined Parisians to be.  I gasped and sighed my way around the city and couldn’t find one fault.  I decided that if I were born alone on the planet and allowed to start my own civilization it would be French. 

Paris, je t’aime. I can’t wait to return.  Romantic strolls down the Seine and dazzling lights on the Eiffel aren’t cliché at all when you’re there, they wrap you up in je ne sais quoi and leave you full of life!


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