Searching for Gourmet Soul in Athens, GA

A month and a half in India left our jeans a little loose and our belts a notch tighter for our arrival in Athens, Georgia. My parents somehow predicted this (or just knew we like to eat) and presented us with a wonderful Christmas present of gift certificates to the town’s top spoons.  We were excited to sample southern food and even happier not to add the bulk of a present to our backpacks.  After the holidays passed and we’d packed up the bocce court and waved goodbye to Tony, Anca and Jamie, we set about planning our meals.  Our favorite meals were at Weaver D’s, Five Star Day Cafe and Five & Ten.

My favorite meal in Athens was this chicken and dumpling soup from Five Star Day Cafe.  Gourmet soul food. It may not look like much (and to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything more than a good meal) but the first spoonful knocked my socks off.  I have no idea what they put in it (lard???) but it’s a fantastically seasoned soup.

Georgia 2010-01-12 019

Gabe’s favorite meal in Athens was the fried chicken, collard greens and sweet potato mash at Weaver D’s.  Weaver D’s is a quirky place that REM used to frequent and is the source of their album title “Automatic for the People.”  The owner sits behind the cash register dishing out crazy phrases (like automatic for the people), and delicious soul food.

Georgia 2009-12-31 170 - Copy

Our favorite dessert could be found at home, however, a tradition my Grandmother started of baking kiflies has continued every year.  It’s everyone’s favorite cookie and was what I most looked forward to doing with my Mom.

Georgia 2009-12-31 103 Georgia 2009-12-31 042

Other than eating we spent some time walking in the Georgia countryside – huge trees, dilapidated buildings and covered bridges were the highlights for me.  We also visited my Aunt Carey and Uncle Mike to tour their new home and eat a delicious dinner!!

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