South Beach

We were only off the plane for an hour, and we were already on a boat in Miami.  The adventure was back on!  Our friends James, Megan, and Vanessa took us out on a boat into Biscayne Bay and up the Miami river to a delicious seafood restaurant and a fun bar both on the water.  What a way to start our trip back up again!

South Beach is a unique part of the US.  At least half the conversations you hear are in Spanish, the cars include Lamborghinis and Ferraris, the shopping is world class, and so is the Cuban food.  It’s really a fun place to hang out, take in the atmosphere and architecture, and have fun.  We spent our days walking around South Beach and enjoying the sights with James and Megan, and our nights eating and drinking either out or in their beautiful apartment.  James and Megan have a large deck, so we got a good taste of “outdoor living” with as much of our grilling, eating, and drinking done outside as possible.  Miami certainly gave us a taste of what is to come on the long Latin sections of our trip, and we can’t wait.

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