Where are Sarah and Gabe right now?

Welcome to our travel blog.  You can track our progress around the world on the following map. Look for a new post about once a week.  If you want to jump to a specific country, just click the country on the left.

4 comments to Where are Sarah and Gabe right now?

  • Amy

    Hello out there! I miss you guys already! I just re-watched the video of “ain’t no swimming on the oregon coast” and laughed for about 10 minutes again. Hope you’re having fun!

  • MC

    Sorry to hear about the theft of your camera but you’re right – at least nobody was hurt! See you in two weeks!

  • Gabe and Sarah

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone. As you can see from the latest posts, we picked up a new camera in Delhi. It’s a cheaper one (so that we don’t have to worry about it), but I think that we’ve still been able to take some good pictures with it.

  • Carey Arnold

    Hi, Sarah and Gabe. I’m loving the wonderful architecture you’re enjoying everywhere you go! But I especially love that baby llama. Can you bring one home for me?

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